Beanstalk Farms ยท September 25th, 2021

Announcing the BeaNFT Genesis Collection

A community-led NFT project.

We have been thrilled by the growth of Beanstalk in its initial 50 days, but especially over the past week. While the current debt cycle presents a true test for Beanstalk, we remain confident in the ability of the protocol to return the Bean price to $1.

Today, at the start of Season 1200 (the 50 day mark of Beanstalk), we are proud to announce the BeaNFT Genesis Collection.

BeaNFT Genesis Collection is a series of up to 6000 Bean NFTs which can only be minted by participating in Beanstalk.

The rules are simple:

  • There will be up to 10 BeaNFTs minted each Season for the next 600 Seasons. Starting at Season 1200, every transaction that Sows Beans during the BeaNFT mint has a chance to win a BeaNFT.
  • The top 10 largest Sow transactions each Season will be awarded one of the 6000 BeaNFTs.
  • From the 10 largest transactions, the rarity of the BeaNFT will be issued according to the order of the transactions within the Season (first gets the rarest).

Some technical details:

Decentralized: The NFT minting process will happen in a decentralized fashion. A subgraph has been deployed to track the transactions starting at Season 1200. The subgraph can be found here:

Fair Launch: Only 1 BeaNFT will be minted and distributed deterministically: BeaNFT #0 goes to Nick Mudge, the author of EIP-2535. All other BeaNFTs can only be minted by Sowing Beans.

Minting: Starting at Season 1296 winners from each Season can claim and mint their NFTs directly on in the NFTs section of the website.

Live: The BeaNFT is live. You can Sow Beans on to become eligible for a BeaNFT.