Bi-Weekly Bean #3
A newsletter that recaps the happenings in the Beanstalk ecosystem. This issue will cover the 4/16/22– 5/15/22 period.
Beanstalk: The Path Forward FAQ
Additional information about the plan to recapitalize and Unpause Beanstalk.
Beanstalk: The Path Forward
Announcing The Barn Raise, a public fundraiser to recapitalize Beanstalk starting on June 6.
Beanstalk Governance Exploit
Beanstalk was attacked on April 17, resulting in a theft of ~$76M in non-Beanstalk user assets.
BIP-16: Whitelist BEAN:LUSD Curve Pool
Beanstalk DAO whitelists LP Tokens for the BEAN:LUSD Curve pool for Deposit into the Silo.
BIP-15: Demand for Soil Improvement
Beanstalk DAO approves new optimization of Soil demand measurement.
BIP-14: Beanstalk Q2 2022 Budget
Beanstalk DAO approves Beanstalk Farms Q2 2022 Budget.
The Bi-Weekly Bean #2
The Bi-Weekly Bean, a series where we recap Beanstalk related news from the past two weeks.
Omniscia Audit of Beanstalk Completed
Omniscia - a decentralized smart contract auditing firm - has completed a formal audit of Beanstalk’s core smart contracts.
Announcing the BEAN:LUSD Curve Pool
Today, Beanstalk Farms deployed a new BEAN:LUSD Curve stableswap liquidity pool
The Bi-Weekly Bean #1
The Bi-Weekly Bean, a series where we recap Beanstalk related news from the past two weeks
Spilling the Beans Ch. 1
Spilling the Beans is a series where Beanstalk community members discuss their backgrounds, how they first got Bean-pilled, and their preferred Bean yield strategies.
BIP-12: Silo Generalization I
Beanstalk DAO approves new functionality to support arbitrary token Deposits.
Beanstalk’s 6 Month Roadmap
A look ahead at Beanstalk's next phase of development.
Introducing The Farmers Market
A trustless and decentralized marketplace for Pods, the Beanstalk-native debt asset.
Beanstalk x Layer3 Bounties
A new Bean Sprout-led bounty program.
Introducing the BEAN:3CRV Pool
A new stableswap liquidity pool seeded on Curve.
The BeaNFT Winter Collection
An overview of the Beanstalk community's latest NFT collection.
Beanstalk Website Settings Guide
An overview of how to customize transactions on Beanstalk.
100 Days of Beanstalk
A recap of Beanstalk's performance and development to date.
Beanstalk: The Road Ahead
A look ahead at Beanstalk's next phase of development
BeaNFT Genesis: Utility, Structure and Rarity
Earn Interest from Beanstalk: Just the Basics
A simplified explanation of earning interest directly from Beanstalk.
Announcing the BeaNFT Genesis Collection
A community-led NFT project.
🌱 Beanstalk 🤝 EIP-2535 💎
An overview of Beanstalk Farms' decision to build Beanstalk using a diamond implementation.
Introducing Beanstalk
A decentralized credit based stablecoin built on Ethereum.