Beanstalk Farms ยท December 22nd, 2021

The BeaNFT Winter Collection

An overview of the Beanstalk community's latest NFT collection.

Today, we are excited to announce the BeaNFT Winter Collection. The BeaNFT Winter Collection is a series of up to 2,000 BeaNFTs, which can only be rewarded by participating in Beanstalk.

The Winter event will go live at the start of Season 3300.

The rules are simple:

  • There will be up to 5 rewarded Winter BeaNFTs each Season for up to 600 Seasons. Starting at Season 3300, every Bean investment (either in the form of a Bean or LP deposit into the Silo, or a Bean sow in the Field) that contributes 50 or more Beans during that Season has a chance to win a Winter Collection BeaNFT.
  • To qualify for a BeaNFT, the investment must include 50 or more Beans.
  • The top 5 largest bean-denominated investments each Season (across the Silo and Field) will be awarded one of the 2,000 Winter BeaNFTs. If all 2000 Winter BeaNFTs have been earned before the end of Season 3900, there will be no additional Winter BeaNFTs minted.
  • The rarity of each Winter BeaNFT will be issued according to the amount put into the Silo or Field, time of the transaction within a Season, Season of the transaction, and whether the transactor owns a minted Genesis BeaNFT at the time of the transaction.

Some details:

  • Decentralized: The collection of on chain data for the Winter BeaNFTs will happen in a decentralized fashion: a new subgraph has been deployed to track the transactions starting at Season 3300. The subgraph will be accessible at a later date.
  • Viewing: Starting at around Season 3324, Winter BeaNFTs will be viewable on the website.
  • Minting: Starting at around Season 3468 (if not sooner) winners can start to claim and mint their BeaNFTs directly on in the NFTs page of the website.
  • Fair Launch: No Winter BeaNFTs have been pre-minted or pre-allocated. The only way to earn a Winter BeaNFT is participating in Beanstalk.
  • Hyper Rare: Only 5, pre-designed, Winter BeaNFTs will be distributed deterministically. The first deposit of 50k or more and the first sows of 50K or more, 100K or more, 150K or more, and 200K or more will be awarded a one of a kind, incredibly rare, Winter BeaNFT.
  • More details to come about the BeaNFTs and the BeanNFT DAO!