Beanstalk Farms · January 24th, 2022

Beanstalk x Layer3 Bounties

A new Bean Sprout-led bounty program.

Today, Bean Sprout — a recently launched Beanstalk accelerator program — announced a series of Layer3 Bounties as part of its ongoing marketing and community outreach efforts to continue growing Beanstalk’s user base.

Layer3 partners with web3 communities (DAOs) to curate lists of tasks that increase community engagement and promote virality. Anyone with an Ethereum-compatible wallet who completes and wins these tasks is rewarded with cryptocurrency.

This round of Beanstalk Bounties lasts for four weeks, half of which are live from 1/24 - 2/7 and the other half will be live from 2/7 - 2/21. In total, Bean Sprout is offering a total of 7,900 Beans across the 14 tasks, which 36+ winners can earn.

A selection of the 14 Bounties are listed below, with the full selection available on Layer3:

Beanstalk in Layman’s Terms

  • Explain Beanstalk and its jargon (sowing, silo, weather, etc.) in common market terminology (equity, debt, bond, options, interest rate, etc.)
  • How winners are chosen: Top three submissions will be chosen by the Beanstalk community
  • Amount awarded: 250 Beans per winner

Put “🌱 💵” in your Twitter name

  • Simply add the Beanstalk community’s unofficial emojis (🌱 💵) to your Twitter name
  • How winners are chosen: Two winners will be chosen at random every week for 4 weeks
  • Amount awarded: 250 Beans per winner each week

Beans in Paris

  • Take a picture of your BeaNFT around town! Whether it’s at your favorite bean-named establishment, on vacation, or just around your neighborhood. Printed NFT or digital beans are permitted, but the picture must be your own
  • How winners are chosen: Top five submissions by number of likes/retweets
  • Amount awarded: 100 Beans per winner

Bean Transaction Infographic

  • Create an ELI5 story of a Bean farmer completing a transaction on the Farm. Explain visually how Sowing, Siloing, Seeds and Stalk, and/or purchasing Beans works
  • How winners are chosen: Top submission for each category (Field, Silo/LP, Buying Beans), as chosen by the Beanstalk community
  • Amount awarded: 300 Beans per winner