Beanstalk Farms · October 17th, 2022

Bi-Weekly Bean #13

A newsletter that recaps the happenings in the Beanstalk ecosystem. This issue covers the 10/04/22–10/16/22 period.

What is Beanstalk? Beanstalk is a permissionless fiat stablecoin protocol built on Ethereum. Learn more at

The bug bounty program with Immunefi, approved in BIP-26, is now live. The program rewards up to 1.1M Beans per bug report and can be found here.

Six governance proposals passed:

  • BIP-24: Fungible BDV Support
  • BIP-25: Beanstalk Farms Q4 Budget
  • BFCP-C-1: BFC Member Term Extension, Q3 2022
  • BIP-26: Immunefi Bug Bounty Program
  • BIP-27: Bean Sprout Q4 Budget
  • BSP-8: Fund a New Halborn Audit Stream for One Month

Two new episodes of the The Bean Pod are live:

Lastly, feel free to drop by Discord if you have any questions—the community is always available to help and answer questions.

Protocol Summary

The price of Bean crossed peg 36 times and is currently at $0.9975. Bean liquidity dropped by 2.2% to ~$28M.

The Pod Rate (The ratio of outstanding Pods per Bean, displayed as a percentage) decreased by 3.5% to 2360%.

The Temperature increased by 197% to 4447%

Notes and Recordings

Beanstalk Farms Updates

  • Pod Market V2 audit in progress
  • Root token audit in progress
  • Full re-audit of Beanstalk in progress
  • Beanstalk UI pentest final report in review
  • Generalized Pipeline audit beginning soon per BSP-8

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