Beanstalk Farms · April 7th, 2022

BIP-14: Beanstalk Q2 2022 Budget

Beanstalk DAO approves Beanstalk Farms Q2 2022 Budget.

Today, Beanstalk Farms is pleased to announce that BIP-14, the Beanstalk Farms Q2 2022 Budget, has been passed by an on-chain vote of the Beanstalk DAO. 

Beanstalk Farms

Beanstalk Farms is a decentralized development team supporting Beanstalk. The organization is collectively focused on fulfilling three major ongoing objectives:

  • Decentralized Development - A diverse organization without any single point of failure or dependence.
  • Scale - Grow the team to roughly 60 dependable core contributors, which we estimate will provide the protocol with ample full-stack support.
  • Seamless Onboarding and Accountable Work Streams - Maintain an onboarding process that empowers new contributors to quickly get up to speed and produce at a high level.

BIP-14 Overview

BIP-14 funds Beanstalk Farms through Q2 2022, allocating 2,000,000 newly-minted Beans and 383,209.94 Beans to be rolled over from the remaining Q1 2022 Budget, comprising a total budget allocation of 2,383,209.94 Beans.

Each new Beanstalk Farms contributor will have an individual Snapshot proposal to affirm their role within the organization. Current contributors will only require a Snapshot proposal if their role or pay has significantly changed since Q1, or the entire payment from their previous proposal has been made.

About Beanstalk

Beanstalk is a decentralized protocol that allows anyone to realize the value of an open, credit based stablecoin. The Beanstalk community of lenders, borrowers and savers secures a protocol-native stablecoin, Bean, with the goal of creating the world’s most accessible digital money system. By eliminating collateral requirements, Beanstalk aims to be the catalyst for a trustless solution to unlock the universal potential of decentralized finance. Learn more at