Beanstalk Farms · August 28th, 2022

BOP-1: Ratify Disclosures Statement

The Beanstalk DAO ratifies the set of disclosures about the risks of interacting with Beanstalk.

Beanstalk Farms is pleased to announce that BOP-1 – the ratification of the Disclosures Statement – has been passed by a vote of the DAO.

Beanstalk is an experiment. The Beanstalk DAO endeavors to be as transparent as possible, particularly as it pertains to communicating the risks of interacting with Beanstalk.

As the Beanstalk community knows, an educated set of Farmers puts the protocol in the best position to succeed. The DAO ratifying these disclosures is another step in that direction.

The Disclosures can be found on Arweave or in the Farmers' Almanac. You can read more about BOPs (Beanstalk Operations Proposals) here.

About Beanstalk

Beanstalk is a decentralized protocol that allows anyone to realize the value of an open, permissionless fiat stablecoin. The Beanstalk community of lenders and savers secures a protocol-native stablecoin, Bean, with the goal of creating the world’s most accessible digital money system. By eliminating collateral requirements, Beanstalk can be the catalyst for a trustless money that unlocks the potential of decentralized finance for everyone.