Beanstalk Farms · June 3rd, 2022

Bi-Weekly Bean #4

A newsletter that recaps the happenings in the Beanstalk ecosystem. This issue will cover the 5/16/22– 5/31/22 period.

What is Beanstalk? Beanstalk is a decentralized credit based stablecoin protocol built on Ethereum. Learn more at

With the Barn Raise around the corner, it’s a good time to recap the structure and timing.

The Barn Raise is a fundraiser that aims to restore approximately $77M of liquidity stolen from the Silo during a recent governance exploit. “The Barn Raise” will begin June 6 at 12 p.m. ET and will last until all ‘Fertilizer’ tokens are sold.

Beanstalk will borrow $77M from the market in exchange for debt at up to 500% interest. 77M Fertilizer tokens will be for sale at 1 USDC each. To facilitate the interest earned, each Fertilizer token holder will receive a pro rata share of one-third of newly minted Beans (Beanstalk’s native stablecoin) until the debt to Fertilizer holders has been fully repaid.

As part of “The Barn Raise”, Beanstalk will offer NFTs with commemorative art to the first 10,000 participants contributing at least 1,000 USDC before Beanstalk relaunches.

For more information on the Barn Raise check out The Path Forward. For information on how to participate in the Barn Raise check out A Farmer's Guide to the Barn Raise.

Here are links to some of the appearances by Publius:

  1. Publius and Jonathan Wu from Aztez Network, coordinated by WAGMI Labs on 5/19
  2. Publius and Mark Jeffery on 5/25
  3. Publius and Moonshot Research on 5/30

Make sure to also check out Bank Runs, Airplanes, and Beanstalk by ereal to learn about how Beanstalk attempts to mitigate bank runs.

Lastly, feel free to drop by Discord if you have any questions - the community is always available to help and answer questions.

Protocol Timeline

June 2022

  • Finalize OTC negotiations to recapitalize Beanstalk
  • Barn Raise begins on June 6
  • Trail of Bits audit begins June 6
  • Both Halborn and Trail of Bits audits complete by end of month

July 2022

  • Replant Beanstalk towards the beginning of the month (exact date to be voted on by the Beanstalk DAO)

Beanstalk Farms Updates

  • Revamp Beanstalk UI and add the Barn Raise section.

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