Beanstalk Farms · July 2nd, 2022

Bi-Weekly Bean #6

A newsletter that recaps the happenings in the Beanstalk ecosystem. This issue covers the 6/18/22– 6/30/22 period.

What is Beanstalk? It’s a decentralized credit based stablecoin protocol built on Ethereum. Learn more at

As we enter the month of July, Farmers all around are preparing to Replant Beanstalk.

Two Beanstalk Farms Proposals have been proposed and passed:

  • BFP-77: Choose BEAN:3CRV A Parameter
  • BFP-78: Set Initial Minting Schedule at Replant

BFP-79, a proposal to update various Beanstalk verbiage at the protocol, UI, and documentation level, is currently being discussed on Discord.

Before continuing with the Beanstalk Water Treatment Process in accordance with BIP-20, all Farmers have the opportunity to verify their allocations of Non-Deposited Unripe assets.

Farmers can verify their allocations to ensure no miscalculation occurred during the migration of on-chain data by following this guide.

The Halborn audit is wrapping up and the Trail of Bits audit is expected to end on July 6 with the audit reports published by mid July. The exact date of Replanting Beanstalk will be voted on by the Beanstalk DAO after that.

Two episodes of the The Bean Pod are live:

  • Episode 10 with Larry the Cucumber from Pickle Finance
  • Episode 11 with TBIQ talking Dune Analytics and machine learning

Make sure to also check out Part 2 of the Why Beanstalk series: Water clocks and the Beanstalk helmsman.

Lastly, feel free to drop by Discord if you have any questions - the community is always available to help and answer questions.

Replant Timeline

July 2022

  • Halborn audit ends July 2
  • Trail of Bits audit ends July 6
  • Audit reports are published in mid July
  • Replant Beanstalk (exact date to be voted on by the Beanstalk DAO)

Beanstalk Farms Updates

  • Beanstalk Water Treatment Process
  • Beanstalk frontend UI
  • Beanstalk Gitbook in the works

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