Beanstalk Farms · July 27th, 2022

The BeaNFT Barn Raise Collection

An overview of the Beanstalk community’s latest NFT collection.

Beanstalk Farms is excited to announce the BeaNFT Barn Raise Collection. The BeaNFT Barn Raise Collection is a series of up to 10,000 BeaNFTs that can only be rewarded by participating in the Barn Raise prior to Replant. The Replant will be executed by the Beanstalk Community Multisig as soon as possible after BIP-21 passes—you can read more about the anticipated Replant timeline here.

BeaNFTs were the first project built on top of Beanstalk and with the passage of BFP-72, they continue to grow and proliferate via the BeaNFT Barn Raise Collection. The previous two BeaNFT collections can both be found on OpenSea (Genesis and Winter).

Today, we are excited to share details about the BeaNFT Barn Raise Collection.

Qualifying for a Barn Raise BeaNFT

The first 10,000 purchases of at least 1,000 Fertilizer in a single transaction before Replant qualify for a Barn Raise BeaNFT. As of writing, about ~360 transactions have qualified for a Barn Raise BeaNFT.


Similar to existing BeaNFTs, the Barn Raise BeaNFTs will be ERC-721 tokens. Purchasers of Fertlizer already have the ERC-1155 Fertilizer token. In the future, qualifying purchasers will be able to mint associated ERC-721 Barn Raise BeaNFTs. Exact timing on minting is TBA.


Like the Winter Collection, the Barn Raise BeaNFT design maintains the iconic BeaNFT silhouette with updated attributes that reflect the Beanstalk ethos broadly (farming-oriented and approachable) and the Barn Raise specifically (resolute, heroic and hard-working).

As a result, attribute categories remain largely the same as past BeaNFT collections in terms of body types, outfits, facial features, and hand items.


Similar to the previous collections, the BeaNFT Barn Raise Collection will involve rarity boosts. Rarity boosts are given for:

  1. Earlier participation in the Barn Raise;
  2. Existing BeaNFT holders; and
  3. Larger amounts of Fertilizer purchased in one transaction.

Additional details

Decentralized: Similar to previous collections, the collection of on-chain data for the Barn Raise BeaNFTs will happen in a decentralized fashion. After Replant, on-chain data will be used to calculate rarity boosts to distribute Barn Raise BeaNFTs.

Viewing/Minting: The Season after which Barn Raise BeaNFTs can be viewed and minted on is TBA.

Fair Launch: No Barn Raise BeaNFTs have been pre-minted or pre-allocated. The only way to earn a Barn Raise BeaNFT is by participating in the Barn Raise before Replant.